If we were still at the wedding at the Outrigger Resort Koh Samui yesterday, we were already on the way again for our post wedding photo shooting. For that we drove to the western side of he Island, a much quieter part of Koh Samui. We made our first photo stop at the Dusit Dhewa – Samui Cultural Center and Fine Art of Southeast Asia, one of the most exciting installations on the wonderful island for photographers. This stunning garden is almost like a temple and offers a perfect contrast to a photo shoot on the beach. For the second part of our photo shooting,  we moved a little down to the southwestern part of the island to take a few pictures on the beach.. In Taling Nam we accidentally found our absolute dream location. A white, and empty dream beach – wonderfully stocked with tropical coconut palms and a magnificent rocky landscape. This was the end of our photo shoot on Koh Samui. We have meet our bridal couple and their wedding guests late afternoon once again for a secret mission.