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Weddings at Koh Lanta – We are planning your dream wedding

Koh Lanta, the small island located off the west coast of Thailand, is kind of a hidden gem when it comes to a wedding destination. And yet we have been able to attend most of our weddings here in the past two years. The small paradise is not far from the mainland, about 70 kilometers from Krabi. Traveling from Krabi Airport is uncomplicated and most resorts offer complementary transports. Despite increasing tourism, the island was still able to retain its unique charm and is considered by travelers as absolutely child-friendly. Koh Lanta pampers its visitors with wonderful sandy beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and forms a fantastic backdrop for your wedding on the beach. From simple beach accommodations to excellent 5-star resorts, Koh Lanta has everything to make your wedding dreams come true. During your honeymoon, you can experience romantic moments on the beach or enjoy the diverse culinary delights of the numerous restaurants. The surrounding island world offers many excursions for you and your wedding guests.

A romantic wedding on the beach or in the private atmosphere of a luxury villa

There are numerous dream wedding locations on the island of Koh Lanta. Whether you prefer a romantic beach wedding in one of the fantastic five-star resorts or a private and luxury Villa, whether it is just the two of you, a bigger family gathering or a lavish wedding party: As a wedding planner, we are delighted to organize your dream wedding at the perfect location in an equally perfect setting, and do so entirely according to your very special wedding ideas. We not only attach great importance to a fantastic location but also to a responsible, highly motivated team of professionals, who will do everything on-site to make your wedding dream come true. We are happy to present you with currently selected wedding resorts and dreamlike private beach villas.

We are your wedding planner on Koh Lanta

We offer extensive and detailed advice and support to our bridal couples especially those, who are traveling to Thailand for the first time and are looking for the perfect wedding location that suits their personal ideas and preferences. With over 20 years of experience in Thailand and the many weddings that we have been able to accompany here, we know the country more than very well and have a professional network of great service providers and partners. We are always available for advice and meet with you the day before the wedding to discuss the final wedding details visit the wedding location.

Live music and wedding DJs for your wedding on Koh Lanta.

In our large network includes selected artists, excellent musicians, and DJs for your wedding at Koh Lanta. Romantic live music for the ceremony, relaxed chillout music for dinner, the perfect song for the wedding dance, and moving beats for the evening wedding party. The perfect music significantly contributes to an exuberant and festive mood. Our experienced partners are characterized by professionalism, passion, and flexibility when it comes to creating the right musical mode for your wedding party.

Dreamlike wedding locations for an unforgettable wedding at Koh Lanta

Below you will find recommended wedding locations, resorts, and private villas as well as insights in some of the numerous weddings that we have organized for our newlyweds at Koh Lanta. We not only value a dream location but also responsible and highly motivated service providers who do everything possible to make your wedding day a unique experience. We will regularly update our wedding resorts and partner hotels on Koh Samui and add new, interesting locations.