April 2017, we were on the way to Koh Samui and had already set us on a wedding under tropical summer conditions. Airy clothing in our luggage, a sunshade for my head, which I regularly burn in under the strongi sun, and my hot-loving Phaa Yenn, damp-chilled towels in plastic film belong to our standard equipment. April is usually one of the hottest months in Thailand. But usually it is different than you think. Shortly before Donsak the monsoon rain hit us with full force. A further journey was possible only at a step speed while the windshield wipers were trying to wipe the water streams aside. Shortly afterwards, we received a call from our bride with the cautious question of whether we could postpone here beach wedding a couple of days because of heavy rain at Koh Samui. Yes, we could, we decided at short notice to stay a few more days at Koh Samui to wait for our next wedding at the Le Méridien Koh Samui Resort & Spa. And in fact, it rained the following days. As for the ceremony, we had to agree to skip the wedding to next Saturday, and this was the last possible date at the Outrigger Resort Koh Samui.

So we visited the wedding couple a few days before the big date for the first time and in a very relaxed atmosphere we discussed the wedding schedule and together with the cool group from Berlin we collected funny ideas for the second shooting day. On the wedding day, the weather god showed us graciously with us, the sun gained more and more the upper hand over the clouds and we felt relatively safe for this days. So we started to photograph the preparations for the wedding at the Outrigger Resort in the early afternoon. For the second time we not only photographed but also filmed wide parts of the wedding for a small wedding video. The further course of this unforgettable wedding in Thailand very yours on the following pictures. Many, many thanks again to the great bridal couple and his sensational guests. You have given us two wonderful days, which are very happy to remember.

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