It was a wonderful and really sunny day in early February and apart from the great heat that is expected in Thailand at this time of the year, you could not ask for better weather for a tropical beach wedding. We travelled to Koh Lanta once again to attend the beach wedding of Natalie and Jonny. And so we started our wedding day with a first photo shoot in the early morning hours. We had an appointment with the bride and groom at the Secret Beach on Koh Lanta to photograph the first wedding pictures with the bride and groom and their family. The Secret Beach is a small, beautiful beach section between Relax Bay and Klong Khong and except for a small beach bar still completely untouched and undeveloped. The absolutely perfect photo location on this great island. After a short break at noon we arrived in the afternoon at the Relax Bay, one of the most beautiful places on Koh Lanta, to accompany the beach wedding of the young couple.